Brian Jaress


MS in Computer Science
University of Hawaii, December 2009
BS in Computer Science
University of Hawaii, May 2004

Skills and Experience

Programming Languages
JavaScript 10 yr., Java 10 yr., SQL 8 yr., Python 8 yr., C/C++ 3 yr., Groovy 1 yr., Scala 1 yr., C# 1 yr.
team leadership, distributed teams, telecommuting, remote work, training, customer demos, feature/schedule negotiation, API contract negotiation,
Requirements and Specification
requirements gathering, user stories, wireframes, functional specifications, schedule estimation, microservice architecture design
Software Engineering
TDD, property testing, performance testing, OOP, FP, JUnit, Hamcrest, Mockito, PIT, RestAssured, Selenium, Gatling, git, bzr, svn, automation, build systems, make, ant, gradle, sbt, Jenkins, GitLab CI, library design, API design, algorithm design
Web Development
web applications, microservices, REST, payment processing, GAE, AWS, CloudFormation, Troposphere, Ansible, Spring, Spring Boot, Grails, Django, .NET, Node.js, CGI, GWT, Emscripten, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ajax, jQuery, Dojo, HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, XPath
Other Development
automation, batch processing, Spark, bash, Cordova/PhoneGap, desktop applications, wxPython, VBA, scientific computing, SciPy, signal processing
design, data modeling, migration, optimization, DynamoDB, HBase, Couchbase, Hibernate, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Work History

Project examples at

03/2018 to current – Software Engineer – Apex Systems

Designing and building data pipelines and microservices as part of a small team for the user portal project at a large health insurance company.

01/2016 to 12/2017 – Senior Software Engineer – Nike, Inc.

Designined, built, and maintained microservices as part of several small teams for the cloud e-commerce project at a large sportswear company.

06/2012 to 01/2016 – Software Engineer – Insight Guru, Inc.

01/2011 to 06/2012 – Contractor – Various Clients

05/2010 to 10/2010 – Programmer – Profitability of Hawaii

04/2008 to 08/2009 – Graduate Research Assistant – University of Hawaii

01/2006 to 08/2007 – Systems Analyst/Programmer – Hawaii Insurance Bureau

1996 to 2005 – Programmer/Network Administrator – Jaress & Leong, AAL ALC

1997 to 1998 – Programmer/Network Administrator – Credit Attorneys, Ltd.