Kumamoto Castle

Posted on January 8, 2012 by Brian Jaress
Tags: japan, photos

Stairs and tree

Kumamoto Castle (熊本城) is the first actual castle I’ve been to.

The castle grounds consist mostly of walls, paths, and trees. I’m told some of the trees are Chinese plum () and will grow beautiful flowers in a month or so.

Walled path toward a tree

Path through grass near a tree

There are also towers, which are much more imposing in real life than I can make them appear in a photograph. Each one is a tall mansion built on a stone platform, with the ground filled in on one side of the platform so people can reach the entrance.

Rear base of castle tower

Front entrance to castle tower

The insides of the towers have been turned into museums, full of displays and information on the towers themselves and their history. Judging by that historical information, the castle had a big problem with fire in the wooden mansion towers.

Scale model of castle tower

We almost got lost on our way out, even with a map. All those winding, walled paths are like a maze.

Winding walled path near trees

I definitely want to go back when the flowers are blooming