Kusamakura Spa

Posted on March 9, 2012 by Brian Jaress
Tags: japan, photos

Mountainside with buildings

Katie and I went to the recently reopened Kusamakura spa (草枕温泉) in Tensui (天水町).

The area is known for special, early blooming cherry blossoms () and the spa had some branches in a vase (and others for sale).

Blooming sakura branches in a vase

Close-up of blooming sakura

The main attraction was the view. We were partway up a mountain, in a fairly picturesque area.

Scrub, trees, and parking lot

Intersection, parking lot, and mountain

View of trees and greenhouses from a mountain

What about the actual spa itself? Well, as I said, the main attraction was the view. There were a few medium sized bathing pools, with moss on some of them, overlooking a great view of the valley. (I did not take a camera into the public bath, of course.)

Brian standing by a wooden structure

Katie on a brick patio near a building

We both agreed that the much closer Tsukasa no Yu (司の湯) is also much better, though it hasn’t any view at all.