Chinese Plum Blossoms

Posted on March 24, 2012 by Brian Jaress
Tags: japan, photos

Closeup of pink ume flowers

I finally had a chance to revisit Kumamoto Castle (熊本城) while the Chinese plum () trees were in bloom. Most Japanese strongly prefer cherry blossoms () which bloom later, but Katie and I both prefer Chinese plum.

Pink ume and tower

Cluster of white ume with Katie and tower in background

I actually went twice, once alone on a rainy day and then again on a sunny day with Katie.

Mud, well, ume, and tower

Katie writing on a tree stump with blooming ume in the background

Katie writing on a tree stump with pink ume in the foreground

The flowers were white, pink, and red, and they had a wonderful smell. I wish I could capture the sense of being there in these pictures, but I can’t.

White, red, and pink ume

Pink ume

Closeup of white ume

One of the neat things about Chinese Plum is how twisted and bent the trunk and branches can be. It creates a beautiful effect with the flowers.

Closeup of white ume and branches

Katie with pink ume in background

Brian standing in front of white ume