My Work

The software I’ve spend the most time on tends to be kept private by other people who paid for it, while the smaller, more personal projects are open-source. Here’s a selected mix of both:

Nike (large team effort)

Back-end service platform supporting multiple front-ends. | launch website | Nike+ website

Spoken News

Scripts for a podcast where a computer reads the news from Wikipedia. | code | website

Trefis (team effort)

Financial tool for doing valuations (estimations of the value of a company). Drill down the tree to a line chart, then drag the line chart to see the grand total change. | website | demo

A Demo Web App

A tiny web app I was asked to write as a demo. It uses the Apache Click framework. | code

Master’s Thesis

I spun my master’s thesis off an ocean research project, with the project leads on my committee, focusing on voltammetry data analysis. My work convinced the sensor manufacturer to invest more in analysis software. | code | thesis

Leonards’s Arduino

A little code to kick the tires on an Arduino board my friend lent me. | code

PlayItFWD (team effort)

A platform for selling movies as gifts sent through social media and email. I designed and built the core system and led the development team to integrate it. I’m very proud of my team’s technical execution, integrating with many services under rapidly changing business requirements. | video | story

Check my resume for background on when, where, and how I did things. I also have blog posts containing code, and a GitHub profile.